Croqui Situation Jerusalem-Tempelberg bei Aufrichtung des geistigen Tempels

Jerusalem-Tempelmount: Inauguration day by Jesu of the 144.000 priest-king - 30 days after Harmagedon Day 1. to 8. of month Tischri after Harmagedon: 8 days inside the "holy tent" to "fill their hands with power" (2Mo 28:41-43; 29:8, 9, 29, 30)
(This is a mock-up to prove, that 144.00 can/will be inauguratet by Jesus on his return on earth, in Jerusalem on 1st of Tischri on tempel-mount) 1. of Tischri: comback of Jesus to Mount of the olives (Act 1:6-11) 09.00???, then first resurrection in Kidron valey (Rev 20:5:)); babtism of unbubtised; build up the espiritual tempel + 7 days to "fill the hands with power": Priests & Kings (3Mo 10:7; 21:12)
(all mesures/dates are aproximatly!) v: 19.2.18 / 2nd test-version X4.1-2.90  Tempelberg Tag Jesu Wiederkehr.htm